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SWIFT™ Routing

Aria Solutions’ SWIFT Routing is a pre-built, enterprise agent skills-based routing solution.

Developing solutions to effectively manage interactions in real-time that include customer experience best practices is challenging. This solution includes basic-to-complex features that are enabled as needed through configuration. It is been developed from requirements gathered from our 20 years of experience and 100s of routing projects.

  • Reduced implementation costs

    Aria’s experience using SWIFT Routing is that it achieves 25%-75% cost reduction for common to more sophisticated routing projects. By deploying SWIFT Routing, time is saved, because there is little-to-no routing development and fewer defects than would result from a custom developed solution.

  • Empower users to maintain, support and change routing strategies

    The SWIFT Routing solution includes common features customers have requested across hundreds of routing projects. Any group within an organization can start using any feature at any time.

    All features can be enabled or disabled through configuration for a business unit or down to a specific type of interaction. Management and configuration of multiple interaction channels is standardized and done in one place to reduce the complexity, by using Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX).

  • Transition from Genesys IRD to Composer quicker and easier

    The approach and skill sets required to develop an IRD-equivalent routing solution in Composer differ greatly. As a result building, testing and deploying a new routing solution from ground up will take months or longer. SWIFT Routing offers a feature-rich, viable alternative to help transition Genesys customers to the Genesys Orchestration Platform.

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