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SWIFT™ Premises

Deploy Genesys PureEngage in less than 90 days and easily grow your solution later

SWIFT™ Premises a fast and a lower cost deployment of Genesys PureEngage that includes intelligent SWIFT Routing. What makes it different from other on-premises solutions is that it can be deployed in less than 90 days, without boxing you in. It’s based on 100s of projects implemented and built with connections to common systems, making it a solid and a highly configurable foundation for the future growth.

Expand it as you like to meet your advanced business needs, by including unique requirements and new capabilities, such as social and digital channels. And you no longer need to make decisions on requirements right away.

Benefit from platform flexibility and convenience

At Aria, we understand that your business needs will most likely change, and that your contact center solution needs to be adjusted to your specific needs – not the other way around. SWIFT Premises makes this possible.

Lower costs

The solution is more affordable than equivalent or custom solutions. Cost reduction comes from the use of pre-built components, easier configuration, and easier maintenance and support.

Have confidence in the solution chosen

The project risks are extremely low due to the solution being proven, pre-tested, and pre-validated. It is easy to deploy, maintain and change through configuration. No need for expensive custom development.

Receive real business results

The solution is based on the Aria’s SWIFT Methodology, expert knowledge, experience, and a highly flexible and feature-rich Genesys platform.

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