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SWIFT™ List2Campaign

SWIFT™ List2Campaign is a web-based tool that facilitates the loading of client records for a source system file (e.g. Client Database, CRM) into the Genesys Outbound calling format.

This solution allows one or more users to create record loading processes by defining data mapping between the system file and Genesys calling list. Lists are uploaded based on a schedule or on demand.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Reduces Project Risk: A list loading process must be developed as part of a Genesys Outbound deployment. List2Campaign reduces project risk by providing a configurable application vs. developing a custom integration as part of the project.
  • Provides Flexibility through Configuration: Client records in the form of a flat file from any source system are supported. With List2Campaign you choose the mapping allowing for any fields from various client lists to be mapped into Genesys Calling Lists.
  • Monitors List Loading Progress to Avoid Delays in Calling: It’s critical the campaigns are running to ensure expensive agent resources are utilized. Users can monitor list loading in real-time as well as historical job execution status via logs. Most of the time when records fail to load it is related to the cleanliness of the source data file. The List2Campaign Audit logging will allow Outbound administrators to pinpoint data related issues.
  • Empowers Business Users: So often, List Loading processes are developed as custom queries through IT departments. It’s a once-and-done solution developed as part of the project. These custom or project specific solutions are challenging to adapt as business needs change. List2Campaign allows multiple business users to create load processes through a secure web-based user interface. This includes loading lists from new sources or updating mapping for new fields on existing client lists.
  • Improves Dialing Efficiency: List2Campaign allows business logic to be added to customer records that becomes part of the Genesys Outbound Calling List. The solution supports the chaining of records for lists where the customer has multiple phone numbers. It can apply time zone and dialing times to records. This solution also removes records from a calling list if the records contain specific fields.