Understanding Contact Center Trends Ahead of Next Year’s Budget

Lots of people, including myself, are in the throws of budget season right now. It can be a stressful time. It brings to light how the current year has unfolded, have targets for the year been met, have budgets been exceeded or not being used. And if that is the case then – will those ‘extra’ funds be allocated to other areas in the company?

On top of this stress is the likelihood that you will have to present to upper management, financial officers and executives, which can be a daunting tasks in itself.

For most people, the budget and planning season is a look at the past results within your specific business. Geoffrey Moore, in his book “Escape Velocity”, refers to this inward view as the “pull of the past”. It doesn’t include market or industry perspective, and it doesn’t include insight from outside of your department or organization. To combat this, Moore suggests that “you and your colleagues take time to develop and bring to the table an outside-in, market-centric perspective”. This is where I believe Aria can help.

Aria has developed a three step process called SmartStart that can help organizations chart a path and budget that includes “industry insight”. The three step plan is part of Aria’s initiative to help contact centres move beyond looking in the rear-view mirror when creating budgets and plans. We want to enable contact centres to become customer engagement centres.

First, Aria provides a look at the Customer Engagement industry as whole. We use our 17 years of experience, combined with analysis from research firms, to present current and future trends. We then work with you to better understand your business and help create a roadmap that includes a cost-benefit analysis of the customer engagement technologies – tailored to your business goals.

Aria doesn’t stop there. They aim to stay engaged with clients and meet with them at regular intervals to help refine and adapt the roadmap to ever-changing needs and demands.

You may feel that you are already too deep into the budget and planning season. Perhaps, you are; but the next budget and planning season, like winter, will be upon us before we realize it. By engaging Aria with SmartStart early on, you may just enter the season with a new level or readiness.

As Moore states, “The world is more powerful than you. The market is more powerful than you. Your customers are more powerful than you. And the sum of all your partners and competitors – the ecosystem – is more powerful than you…so given the enormous challenge of counterbalancing the inertial momentum of last year’s plan, what do you say we tap into some of these external sources of power to give you company a boost?”

Learn more about Aria’s free SmartStart program here.



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