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The Symbolic SWIFT

One of the fastest and most agile birds on the planet is the swift bird. Its remarkable wing structure shows a steadily gliding bird. To prevent exhaustion, the wing converts potential energy to counteract the aerodynamic forces.

The wing features a non-powered flight, with fixed wings at a constant flight speed. In other words, the swift demonstrates nature’s ability to turn adversity into a benefit.

Last week, Aria boldly assigned the SWIFT bird as the new symbol of Aria’s solution line, which shows similarity to the swift bird wing:

Agility – The  solution contains a wide range of capabilities, and like the bird’s wing, it employs force, by leveraging Aria’s contact center expertise in collaborative requirements and solution design sessions.

Speed – Like a fast bird, the Swift solutions limits wasted time on customization, and offers a 60 day deployment option.

Control – The Swift solution is built, maintained and supported easily, through simple configurations.

Maneuverability – The software, hardware, and omni-channel features a rich and a broad suite, which adapts to any environment.

Adversity into Benefit – It’s more affordable and lower risk than traditional custom implementations, which increases SWIFT’s return on investment.

While SWIFT solutions are suitable for many contact centers right out of the box, it can be expanded to provide the capabilities of larger and more expensive solutions. The line currently includes the SWIFT Premises solution and SWIFT assets.

A New Way of Implementing the Genesys CX Platform

Robert Church, CEO of Aria Solutions, unveils a new 60-day implementation approach called SWIFT™ Premises – a complete, modernized, Genesys contact center solution that can be implemented rapidly and expanded to incorporate the omni-channel experience customers expect.

“We’ve seen a lot of companies experiencing revenue and customer satisfaction pressures, because they were looking for a new contact center solution and spending years deploying and customizing a new system, while their current systems were no longer meeting business needs and needs of their customers”, says Church.

Aria’s new solution model enables companies to make the investment based on a more efficient and thorough implementation process:

  • Deploying a modernized, enterprise-class inbound contact center foundation in 60 days
  • Learning the new solution and refining the requirements based on findings
  • Adapting to current and future needs by expanding the platform with enterprise-class capabilities[su_spacer]

The keys to this solution is its automated, but flexible deployment approach and its configuration capability, which come from Aria’s pre-tested, pre-built, and pre-validated assets: SWIFT™ Auto Attendant, SWIFT™ Routing, and SWIFT™ Real-Time Reporting. They provide options to meet various contact center requirements, speed up the deployment process, illuminate risks, and allow businesses to retain a complete control over their systems for easy maintenance and support.

In addition to Aria’s assets, SWIFT Premises includes core components, such as: SIP/Legacy PBX integration; High Availability – Dual Data Centers; Desktop and CRM integrations; WFM; Real-time Dashboard Reporting; and More.

“Many contact center implementations spend more time than desired in analysis paralysis, documenting hundreds of requirements, and customizing while learning a new system. This leads to long implementation times while in reality 80% or more of contact center requirements are the same”, says Kelly Wilson, Aria Solutions’ VP of Client Solutions.

Wilson says that Aria’s 20 years of experience in partnering with Genesys, building contact center technology and implementing complete solutions have enabled them to develop a unique implementation approach that no one else has.

Fast deployment, speed to market and adaptability are key reasons why Aria’s new solution approach is called “Swift” – one of the fastest, most agile and adaptable birds on the planet.

To learn more about this solution approach, visit https://aria2019.wpengine.com/swift-solutions/swift-premises/