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Aria’s Evolved Branding Reflects a Renewed Commitment to YOU

Aria Solutions is thrilled to announce that we’ve refreshed our branding!

This change is more than just a new logo and colors; it’s a reflection of how you see us – who we are today, what we value and how we’ve grownBefore I tell you more about our new look, let’s first take a few steps back to reflect on how and why it happened.


Watch Rob and I discuss what has occurred since we founded the company in 1997, and how this influenced the Aria brand evolution:

Our journey since 1997

As part of the technology industry, we’ve witnessed the monumental changes that have characterized it over the last 20 years. In looking for ways to take advantage of these changes, businesses have sought better ways to win, serve, and retain their customers. To help our customers achieve these goals, we’ve changed how we work with them, introduced services, built applications, partnered with industry leaders in the customer engagement space, and expanded into new markets and geographies.  

In other words, Aria has always adapted, and today we’re way more than the “technical call center implementer”. Now we collaborate with our customers to help them achieve their business goals and work together to find ways to better serve their customers. We’ve helped hundreds of companies evolve, and we’ve evolved with them in the process.  

All this transformation brought us to a point at which the Aria brand and how we communicate it to the world needed to be more current and needed to align with our organizational culture.  

We’ve always known that we had exceptional expertise in contact centers and the interconnections that make them work; and we commit 100% to supporting our customers. But what else makes us different from other service providers? What is our core identity? What have we evolved into, and what do we aspire to be?  

Discovering our core  

So, we set about the task of understanding what makes us unique. Through this process, we realized that our previous visual identity no longer reflected who we’ve become. We needed to take a moment to rediscover Aria’s true essence and reflect that in a new look and feel. So, we got some outside help to do confidential research, interviewing customers, employees, and executives.  

So, what did we find out?  

Our customers don‘t just see us as experts, but see us as confident, reliable, fun, compassionate and real human beings. We are not just a vendor to them but a part of their internal team. 


The experience we have gained in the past 20 years helped our team evolve into customer experience consultants – who guide our customers through the development of business strategies and solutions that might not look like what customers originally had in mind. Our project outcomes tell us how important this role is – with comments like, “I wish I had listened to Aria from the beginning,” and “Since getting Aria on board, I can sleep better at night”.  

So how do we give our customers, prospects, and the rest of the public an understanding of all of that? With a new logo that brings all our research and introspection into a visual presence. Our new vibrant logo represents the fun, energetic, and diverse personalities in our company. It captures our commitment to sensibly doing the right thing, while at the same time encouraging excitement and innovation.  

Aria Solutions logo 2018

While we love the clean and fresh look of the logo, the bright colors, and the fun typeface, we especially love the “Aria speech bubble” in place of the dot over the “i.”

It tells the world the most important things about what we do and why we do this:  

  • We empower businesses to excel in customer and employee engagements 
  • We value conversations, collaboration, and real interactions with our customers

“We value real relationships, which is not possible without meaningful conversations,” says Rob Church, CEO/President at Aria Solutions.

Robert Church CEO/President Aria Solutions


The next chapter in the Aria story 

What does our new branding effort mean for our future?  

It means we’ll grow faster and better, so we can continue our mission of helping you improve, stand out, and transform. It means we’ll strive to become an even better version of ourselves, remaining committed to our customers, employees, and partners. We will be doing what’s right regardless, collaborating, and helping each other evolve and achieve even more.  

I know I speak for everyone at Aria when I say we’re excited to start this new chapter of growth, innovation, and inspiration.  

Johannes, Nadine, and Thomas drawing the new Aria logo


Aria team - new branding
The Aria team in Ontario, Canada, with some new branded swag