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Salesforce data straight to your workforce management system

The WFM adapter takes data from Salesforce and molds it to a format that can be used by WFM systems. This Salesforce WFM integration allows business managers to effectively manage employee performance and forecast work volume and staffing.

Supported WFM systems

Maximize your Salesforce and WFM investment

Reduce staffing costs

Improve forecasting accuracy, resource allocation, and scheduling to protect you from extra costs associated with over and under staffing.

Unearth operational insights

Full visibility of your Salesforce agents, allowing you to quickly meet changing business demands and uncover opportunities for streamlining labor usage.

Improve employee productivity

Agent status updates sent directly to your WFM system, enabling automated calculation of adherence to schedule.


Case, lead, and chat support

Case, lead, and chat metrics that adhere to the specifications of your WFM system.

RTA reporting

In-depth agent status updates delivered in real-time.

Web-based user interface

Easily-set object filters, Not Ready reason codes, service level formulas, and more.

Historical reporting

Reports with performance-centric metrics generated at customizable intervals.

Omni-Channel synchronization

Agent presence can be synced with Omni-Channel routing.


Quick and easy deployment with on-going support from Aria.

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