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Genesys PureCloud + WFM

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Genesys PureCloud data straight to your workforce management system

Business managers need workforce management software that provides operational insights to help make good decisions and manage the entire workforce. WFM Adapter for PureCloud provides a seamless integration between Genesys PureCloud and your WFM system to help you improve employee productivity, forecasting accuracy, capacity planning, and resource allocation.

Supported WFM systems

Maximize your Genesys PureCloud and WFM investment

Reduce staffing costs

Improve forecasting accuracy, resource allocation, and scheduling to protect you from extra costs associated with over and under staffing.

Unearth operational insights

Full visibility of your agents, allowing you to quickly meet changing business demands and uncover opportunities for streamlining labor usage.

Improve employee productivity

Agent status updates sent directly to your WFM system, enabling automated calculation of adherence to schedule.


  • Cloud solution: No need to worry about infrastructure.
  • Multi-media support: Get a complete view of calls, chats and emails in your WFM system.
  • Web-based UI: Easily configure how your reporting is done with our intuitive user interface.
  • Historical reports: Historical reports with comprehensive metrics to give you actionable insights into contact center performance and improve staffing forecast.
  • Real-time adherence: RTA feed notifying you of agent state changes to make sure that agents adhere to their schedules.

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