Integrate Genesys Cloud with your WFM system

Genesys Cloud + WFM

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Aria delivers accurate data effortlessly to your WFM system, easy as 1, 2, 3!

Genesys Cloud data straight to your workforce management system

Business managers need workforce management software that provides operational insights to help make good decisions and manage the entire workforce.

WFM Adapter for Genesys Cloud provides a seamless integration between Genesys Cloud and your WFM system to help you improve employee productivity, forecasting accuracy, capacity planning, and resource allocation.


Supported WFM systems


Rapid innovation, reliability and scalability

We keep pace with Genesys’ weekly updates to Genesys Cloud: You never need to worry about testing or changes to the data specifications. Aria complete testing before new Genesys Cloud releases go live. Our partnerships with WFM vendors let us keep our adapter up to date with any specification changes.


Maximize the return of your WFM system

Support for Voice, Email and Chat. Historical reporting with key metrics generated at customizable intervals. RTA reporting with detailed agent state changes to ensure schedule adherence. Reporting adheres exactly to published WFM vendors’ specifications.


Minimal investment from you

Transition your WFM easily to Genesys Cloud: Deployment can be completed within a single day. It is that easy. The adapter is hosted in the cloud to provide you with the flexibility, reliability, and enterprise-level security required for all your business needs.


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WFM Adapter for Genesys Cloud Features

Certified Genesys Cloud Premium App

Certified Genesys Cloud Premium App: Approved, secure and integrated

Flexible billing

Flexible billing: Accommodates seasonal ups and downs

Scalability and reliability

Scalability and reliability: Guarantees high availability and up-time

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