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To discover day-to-day contact center operational issues, customer service professionals run summary reports, look at customer survey results, and get IT to examine low-level system details… But without detailed analytics, some poor customer experiences and problematic agent performances are hard to find. Visualizer is an operational analytics application for PureEngage that visualizes contact center interactions and displays issues in real time, empowering teams to make proactive, insights-driven decisions.

Identify poor customer experiences

For issues lurking beneath the surface, evidence may show up in the CX metrics, but standard tools don’t offer an easy way to pinpoint the detailed contact center activities behind the issue. With cradle-to-grave visibility of your customers’ omnichannel interactions and touch points, you can analyze customer trends and patterns, and identify opportunities to enhance customer experience.

Increase employee productivity

Not only does Visualizer allow less experienced staff to perform at senior levels with less training, but it also can highlight undesired agent behaviors. With specific event patterns clearly displayed, corrective actions can be taken to ensure agent productivity. Supervisors and Managers can set alerts to notify them of individual agent behavior or staffing issues so they can proactively solve issues without being tied to their desk.

Lower IT and support costs

Contact centers generate significant amounts of data that are scattered across multiple locations. With Visualizer, massive amounts of data can be searched in minutes and proactively analyzed to find problems before they are reported – without IT and support teams having to sift through low-level system details.

Gain competitive advantage

Successful companies are the ones who can digitalize and leverage their customer interaction data to tailor the experience to each client need or preference. Gain business insight and information with near real-time analysis/information in a Client Server architecture. Interaction data can be sliced and diced by queue, customer, DN, Agent, with an innovative “click to drill down” interface.

“With Visualizer, instead of escalating through the tiers to an engineering level, we’re continuing to push the conversations down to the lowest possible level of support. Now, more senior and more expensive technicians are freed up to work on revenue-generating projects. This has proven to be an unexpected benefit from Visualizer.”

– Daniel Vetro, Director of Information Services

West Corporation

“Whenever we get a report from the business about an issue, Visualizer is the first place we go to. Sending someone an email with log text is hard to understand. Our process is now changed to provide Visualizer screenshots. Through them, our businesses can see and understand exactly the issue at hand, which built my confidence in having to administer the system going forward.”

– Todd McCall Voice Systems Engr. 3


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