Connect agent softphone with your CRM system through platform API

Velocity is a seamless softphone for CRM integration to CTI platforms that is easy to configure and install. It enables you to customize, configure, and easily support custom workflow automation via an easy to use platform API . This CRM softphone supports personalization and corporate branding of the presentation layer.

  • Increase agent efficiency and productivity

    Velocity is designed to increase workflow automation and reduce agent errors via integration directly within your workflows and data centralization. It has the ability to control data flow in and out of customer systems. This CRM softphone allows the end user to leverage the CRM real estate to display data and make CRM the “agent desktop” of choice, by eliminating any need to leave the console.

  • Reduce deployment, maintenance and support costs

    Velocity is simple to deploy with no hardware required. It is a scalable solution able to support small to large enterprises. It has flexible, self-documenting, simple API’s to facilitate integration without extensive custom coding. In addition, the softphone allows agent supervisors to train agents faster with a reduced curriculum due to automation.

  • Reinforce corporate branding through configurable look and feel

    Velocity is styled to fit seamlessly with the look and feel of the CRM environment to reinforce personalization and corporate branding. It is compatible to Salesforce Classic, Console and Lightning platforms in addition to other CRM vendors.

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