Gplus Adapter for WFM

Connect your Genesys environment to a third-party Workforce Management (WFM) system

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Gplus Adapter for Workforce Management (WFM) is provided and supported by Genesys, aligns with other Genesys products and connects to all major WFM systems, such as Nice/IEX, Aspect, Verint, and Teleopti. This Genesys WFM Adapter is fast, reliable, and now installed in many of the largest and most complex Genesys customer environments around the world.

Aria has built this integration based on industry best practices, which eliminates integration, deployment, management and support risks that typically occur with custom-built solutions. If you are considering custom solutions – think twice about it. Companies that go with this option often run into these common issues:

  • Project timelines are unpredictable and are often more costly than estimated
  • The system may not use industry standard calculations and the code may have hidden errors, which might result in thousands of dollars
  • The solution may be reliant on one resource and their understanding of the integration, placing the organization at considerable risk

Whether you just set up your Genesys environment or just purchased a new WFM system, the Genesys WFM Gplus Adapter integration will enable your contact center to effectively forecast and manage your workforce.

Real-Time Adherence

  • Provides Genesys agent status changes for use in real-time adherence
  • These status change events include reason codes (aux codes), if supported by the underlying switch or softphone being used
  • Support for Genesys Inbound Voice, Outbound, E-mail, Chat and iWD

Historical Data

  • Summarized activity by call type, skill and queue on regular intervals
  • Critical for forecasting, scheduling and intra-day reporting

Gplus Adapter for WFM Architecture Operation

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