CIMplicity™ CTI Connector For Genesys: FAQ
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Does the softphone support both the classic and Lightning Open CTI frameworks?

Aria’s softphones are positioned to be functional with both the classic Open CTI Framework and the new Lightning Open CTI Framework. Our softphones align with the Salesforce roadmap for CTI integration and we closely follow the Salesforce update cycle and test rigorously against their three scheduled releases per year.

Does the softphone integrate with Omni’s or Live Agent’s user presence?

Aria’s softphones integrate with both Omni and Live Agent user presence to facilitate the unification of Salesforce and the telephony system. Supported platform APIs also allow customers to control the flow of data into Salesforce or into the CTI solution.  This means customers have control over data management to suit their business needs.

Does it support screen pop configurations beyond the simple contact or case search?

Aria softphones allow for a high level of configuration and customization adapting to the needs of your business. We offer maximum flexibility in agent workflow automation to increase efficiency and accuracy. Triggers can be placed on CTI events to execute an action at any desired point during interaction handling process. With this flexibility, you can search and pop an object, create a new object and populate it with data, call an API function, or simply pop an external web page. We have many more actions available which will help you achieve your automation goals.

Does it properly record the phone call in Salesforce, with the correct records (case and contact/account) associated to it?

Aria softphones leverage the Open CTI Framework to pass CTI data into Salesforce. Any parameter associated at the CTI level can be relayed and mapped to the appropriate field to create an object in Salesforce that will log the call in Salesforce.

Does the softphone provide an API for additional integration?

Aria softphones have a rich set of APIs that will also allow customers to control the flow of data into Salesforce or into the CTI vendor. We support automated presence control signaling, telephony control, Salesforce object creation, data field population, workflow automation and other functions in both systems. Our softphones can embed CTI workflows within your CRM workflows to enhance the agent experience and reduce manual workflow errors. Our API’s allow the deployment of highly integrated solutions in a fraction of the time with legacy systems.

Does the softphone require minimal overhead?

Aria’s softphones do not require agent desktop software to install, but simply require a simple web server or no hardware and are highly scalable and efficient.