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CIMplicity™ CTI Connector for Genesys

CIMplicity™ CTI Connector for Genesys is an omni-channel desktop that that seamlessly integrates Genesys with Salesforce or other CRMs.

Compliant with Salesforce’s Open CTI, Lightning platforms, and multiple other CRMs, it enables you to customize, configure, and easily support custom workflow automation via an easy to use platform API.

It was built to improve customer experiences by enabling agents to be more effective and efficient by having all data on a single screen.

Increase Agent Efficiency & Productivity

CIMplicity CTI Connector for Genesys can access multiple CRM systems simultaneously, and integration is typically faster than other alternatives. This makes it the ideal solution to help companies manage data migration projects with minimal agent training needs. Agents learn one consistent interface to access virtually any back-end system quickly and efficiently.

Improve Customer Experience

CIMplicity CTI Connector for Genesys provides a 360° view of your customers, by simplifying the agent desktop and providing the required customer data. It seamlessly connects to multiple systems, eliminating data silos. The right and accurate customer data is easily accessible, allowing agents to focus on the customer.

Reduce Deployment & IT Costs

CIMplicity CTI Connector For Genesys is a highly configurable solution that is easy to deploy, use and maintain. It greatly reduces the time and effort spent on configuration and customization through our Configuration editor and JavaScript APIs.


  • A light, ultra-fast toolbar design
  • Automatic agent notifications based on metric thresholds
  • Highly configurable to meet common needs without customization
  • Advanced call reason codes
  • International localization and Global Hot Key support
  • Display of customer information and history
  • Genesys High Availability and Multi-tenant Support


  • Supports simultaneous delivery of Genesys Inbound Voice, Outbound, iWD, E-Mail, Chat, SMS, and CoBrowse
  • JavaScript APIs allow broad integration to Salesforce and other systems
  • Supports Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Creation of CRM objects, Pre-populated Views and Data Integration
  • Multiple configurable screen-pops per interaction
  • Full click-to-dial support

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