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Pre-built integrations for Genesys, Salesforce, & Amazon Connect

Aria Solutions built technology to assist contact centers with becoming customer-centric, ensuring that every customer touchpoint is perfect. Our applications focus on these key areas:

  • System Integration

    By deploying Aria integration technology, IT teams are able to overcome the integration hurdle, get rid of silos and centralize data. This then allows customer service teams to map and improve customer journeys.

  • Data Analytics

    Our data analytics applications are aimed at empowering customer experience and support teams to become more proactive, by analyzing customer experiences, business operations, and agent performance.

  • Agent Optimization

    Aria’s agent optimization offerings allow agents to focus on a customer, instead of the technology. All customer information is displayed on one single screen – within the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which contributes to agent satisfaction.

For Genesys Users

WFM For PureCloud

A configurable, omnichannel Genesys desktop

Integrate your Aspect, NICE, Verint, Teliopti or other WFM system with PureCloud

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Aria's Visualizer

An operational data analytics application for the ‘big picture’ analysis

Improve customer experience, lower support costs, and increase operational efficiency and employee productivity.

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Gplus Adapter for WFM

A Genesys connection to a third-party Workforce Management (WFM) system

Effectively forecast and manage your workforce through real-time adherence and historical data.

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CIMplicity™ CTI Connector for Genesys

Open CTI-based Genesys softphone for Salesforce

Increase agent efficiency, improve customer experience, and reduce IT costs.

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For Salesforce Users

WFM Adapter for Salesforce

A seamless integration to your IEX, Aspect, Teleopti, Verint or other WFM system

Reduce staffing costs, improve operations and increase employee productivity.

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