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Aria Solutions’ Visualizer Analytics Now Supports Business Users on Mobile

The new release offers enhanced capabilities, including a mobile friendly interface for monitoring customer experiences and agent performance through automatic alerts

Aria Solutions, a leading provider of customer engagement offerings for over 20 years, announced a new release of Aria’s Visualizer data analytics that offers capabilities for Genesys contact center managers, directors, and CX VPs – from solely supporting technical analysts and operations teams.

Now, business roles will have the means to obtain information from all collected big data to effectively manage customer experience.

The major release capabilities include the mobile dashboards, greater data granularity to the individual interaction or event occurrence level, and proactive alerting features. The last will monitor the contact center on its own and push notifications automatically when a threshold is exceeded or an important event occurs.

“These have been the most anticipated features since the product launch,” says Ron Owens, SVP of Operations at Aria Solutions. “Organizations can now set alerts for their own unique needs, which reduces dependence on active real-time monitoring and allows them to easily see agent behaviors and what customers experience on the fly”.

The key benefits of Aria’s Visualizer for both – technical and business roles – include:

  • Lower operating costs and negative customer engagements through a reduced issue resolution time
  • Improved customer experience and agent performance, by identifying customer trends and patterns through immediate flagging
  • Increased system confidence, by seeing definitive configuration setting in the correct context alongside cataloged agent and system behaviors

“A new release offers a more enriched user experience for a more well-rounded user group”, says Owens. “Multiple teams across the same organization can get the ‘big picture’ analysis in a matter of minutes – in a visual, user-friendly way”.

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About Aria’s Visualizer:
Aria’s Visualizer is an operational data analytics solution that uses an intuitive and visual interface to provide users with data visualization and consolidation of Genesys customer interaction events. This analytics app allows companies to search massive amounts of data in minutes and get the ‘big picture’ analysis to identify customer and employee trends and patterns or research other specific contact center items for proactive action.

About Aria Solutions:
Aria Solutions has been a leading provider of contact center and customer engagement solutions for nearly 20 years. They leverage extensive industry experience, knowledge, proven methodology, tools and templates in building products and delivering innovative, omnichannel, cloud, on-premises and hybrid-based solutions. To learn contact center best practices, visit Aria Solutions’ blog or subscribe to content at

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