Aria Solutions Unveils New Logo and Refreshed Visual Identity

Enhancing its well-established mark in the customer experience space, Aria’s new look builds on its history and looks ahead to the future

Aria Solutions, an expert in the customer experience space, announces refreshed branding and a new logo today. This new look will now serve as a direct reflection of Aria’s culture today and the transformation that the company has undergone since it was established in 1997. With the unrolling of “new” Aria, the company will continue showing its commitment to employees, customers, and partners, but now with a much stronger visual identity.

“Since we started, we’ve seen some huge changes in the technology space and we’ve been helping our customers to adapt to these changes”, says Robert Church, CEO at Aria. “Even though our core values haven’t changed, our logo and visual identity needed to be updated to reflect the changes in both the industry and Aria as a company”.

At the forefront of this transformation is the new Aria logo which is represented by four bold colors. The change was instrumental giving a sneak-peek into the vibrancy of the people.

Besides being well-known in the contact center industry as customer experience consultants and implementers, what makes Aria employees unique is how quickly their customers trust them and bond with them to work together on achieving their business goals.

“When we sat down and reviewed what our brand meant to all stakeholders, both internally and externally, we realized that many customers choose us because of the cultural fit”, said Noel Roberts, CTO and VP of Marketing. “This new visual identity will contribute to the start of a new chapter of innovation, engagement, and relationship building!”.

Starting today, the evolved branding will be applied to all Aria communication. To hear more from Aria’s founders about the brand evolution, click here.


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