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Aria Solutions Launches Apps in New Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace

Announced today at Genesys G-Force 2015, Genesys AppFoundry will host four contact center applications created by Aria Solutions, including CIMplicity Visualizer, a customer interaction data analytics app.

Today, Aria Solutions, a Genesys partner since 1996, announces four apps to be included in the Genesys AppFoundry, a newly available marketplace for world-class customer experience applications, integrations and services.

The four contact center applications by Aria Solutions are: CIMplicity™ Visualizer, a customer interaction data analytics application; SWIFT™ Routing, a pre-built enterprise agent skills-based routing solution; SWIFT™ Marketo Adapter, an application that connects the Genesys CX platform with Marketo; and SWIFT™ List2Campaign, a web-based tool that facilitates the loading of client records for a source system file into the Genesys outbound calling format.

Aria’s four applications are not only listed on AppFoundry but also featured today at Genesys G-Force 2015 in Miami. To celebrate the AppFoundry launch, Aria Solutions is offering 25% off on these four listed apps and a 60-day money back guarantee until Dec. 31, 2015 – as highlighted at their Gold Sponsored booth.

Aria’s CIMplicity™ Visualizer will provide Genesys customers with some helpful insights into customer journeys. In addition, it allows Genesys customers to improve operations, gain efficiency and save time, by searching through and visualizing massive amounts of customer interaction data in minutes.

Developed in partnership with Genesys, SWIFT™ Marketo Adapter will enable agents to better service clients and prospects, by having Marketo marketing customer profiles and campaign information available at their fingertips.

“The Genesys AppFoundry is an exciting addition to the Genesys solutions offerings. It creates an ecosystem of apps, developed by partners, to further expand the capabilities of the Genesys platform”, said Rob Church, CEO of Aria Solutions. “For customers it provides a convenient, one-stop place to shop for great applications, and for partners it creates a worldwide marketplace to showcase our applications and services.”

To celebrate the AppFoundry launch, Aria Solutions is offering 25% off on its four listed apps and a 60-day money back guarantee until the end of the year.


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