Managing Turnover Risk Within the Highly Skilled Telephony Support and Operations Teams

Why Read This Report

Risk managers often think of employee turnover as being a “soft” risk that is difficult to measure and model. The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) has attempted to quantize turnover risk and has estimated that turnover costs vary by the level of employee. For minimum wage employees, the costs are 30% to 50% and goes up for more skilled employees – up as high as 400% of salary for the most skilled employees.

And that does not take into account that the people who are most able to leave are the most competent and productive ones.

This includes the technical operations and support staff for the contact center. These are highly trained and skilled individuals that an apparent investment has been made to enable them and the technology to run smoothly and continuously.

This paper will endeavor to offer suggestions to manage turnover risk encountered on a daily basis and highlight a technical solution offered by Aria Solutions called Visualizer.

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