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Aria’s Genesys Cloud Bundled & Enhanced Solution

Listening to our customers has told us that normal contact center challenges are even more acute now. So to empower employees and provide a seamless customer experience, Aria’s solution is focused on these performance enhancing features:

Voice and Digital Channel Set-Up: VoiceIVR plus one digital channel (chat, email, SMS, etc.)

Make your organization quickly accessible by phone and digital channels. IVR lets customers choose where they need to go and gets them to the right agent quickly. 

Reporting: Operational reports for managing performance. 

Visualize and track your operational performance for effective and efficient team and cost management. Understand how customers view your organization.

CRM Integration: Stand-alone agent desktop or integrated desktop with your CRM.

Integration with CRM, including pre-built integration for Salesforce and Zendesk, makes it quick and easy for agents to assess customer needs, engage and assist. Agents save time by focusing on helping customers instead of manual tasks. 

Recording and Quality Management: Record voice and digital channels. 

Capture agent behavior for coaching that makes agents more effective to improve customer experience. 

WFM Set-Up/Integration:Genesys Cloud WFM or integrate to a 3rd party WFM using our  WFM Adapter for Genesys Cloud. to connect with Nice, Verint, and Aspect WFM, among others.

By adding Genesys WFM capability you effectively optimize your agent resources. Or, we can add Aria’s WFM adapter for 3rd party WFM systems to leverage your existing WFM investment. 

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