Customer Success Program

“The customer success program is a managed service that has the

tools and methodologies to effect positive change in your organization.”


-Aria Solutions

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Aria announces our NEW Customer Success Program!


The Customer Success Program (CSP) is designed to provide actionable insights into your organization and create timely and effective change to contact center operations.  Proactive analysis by an Aria Customer Success Manager, reviews findings and makes recommendations so that you can execute high value improvements that measurably improve your business outcomes.

Keep your contact center well tuned, making sure current performance doesn’t degrade, while continuously driving business performance improvements and business plan changes throughout your operations.

Aria’s CSP brings forward the best and most effective resources to specifically address this need, leveraging our depth in contact center knowledge and experience, and understanding of our customers’ businesses.



Improve business results with Aria’s Customer Success Program


Aria’s Customer Success Program maximizes your use of Genesys Cloud by focusing on business outcomes and your customers’ experiences. Increased CX leads to higher revenues, putting off prioritizing CX improvements or “learning as you go” will cause you to miss out on these revenue gains.


The Customer Success Program goes beyond operational changes and technical support, Aria will assign a designated Customer Success Manager, who along with our certified team, will provide insights, make recommendations, and implement adjustments.

Optimize the customer experience with a designated Customer Success Manager


We‘ll extend your team with a Customer Success Manager, who will be focused on improving business success outcomes by analyzing data to look for ways to improve the customer experience and drive operational efficiency through actionable KPIs.


Regular touch points will be held with your designated Customer Success Manager to review actionable KPIs, recommendations and provide guidance regarding new Genesys Cloud capabilities and how you can leverage them for your business and drive business success.

Maximize the return of your Genesys Cloud Solutions investment



Aria Solutions experts are on hand to make changes/continuously adapt to your operations need. Customer Success Manager to help identify and close knowledge gaps.


Regularly scheduled meetings with Aria to review system performance and health. Aria will show metrics (including common support inquiries) that may identify mentoring opportunities to grow Genesy Cloud system knowledge within your team, to better manage the system.

Key Business Benefits

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