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Building and supporting Genesys contact centers since 1997.

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Announcing the NEW Customer Success Program.

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One of the first Genesys Partners, implementing Genesys Cloud and Genesys Core platforms

Aria has been a full suite Genesys partner since 1997 – starting up as the very first Genesys partner to integrate its systems in North America.  Throughout the years, we’ve held a high partner status with Genesys, deploying over 1000 successful Genesys projects and building various Genesys applications to fill in industry and solution gaps.

A True Expert in Genesys Technologies

Aria people are known for having extensive, in-depth knowledge of the Genesys platform, specializing in consulting and deploying projects of moderate to advanced needs. Our Genesys client delivery team has over 25 Genesys certifications and dozens of skills across the entire Genesys platform, including routing, outbound, WFM, digital, IVR, reporting and agent desktop.

A Proven Methodology & Pre-Built Solutions

To speed up time-to-market and lower project costs and risks associated with custom solutions, Aria developed pre-packaged solutions to greatly speed up the deployment of a basic contact center that can easily be expanded. They were built based on experience gained from hundreds of Genesys projects, which minimizes risks and helps save on costs.

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