Workforce Management

Reduce under or overstaffing, optimize productivity and quality management

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Are you looking for a culture where customers are served better, more securely and more cost effectively?

We have helped organizations of all sized to implement this.

Aria has a long history of deploying Genesys workforce optimization solutions, as well as building and managing our WFM adapters that connect Genesys and Salesforce to IEX/Nice, Aspect, Teleopti, Verint, and other WFM systems. Our integration solutions were built to enable you to integrate fast and to reduce costs.

WFM Integration Adapters

WFM Adapter for PureCloud

WFM Adapter for PureCloud integrates Genesys PureCloud and WFM systems, such as IEX/Nice, Aspect, Teleopti, Verint and others. This highly configurable integration improves employee productivity, forecasting accuracy, capacity planning, and resource allocation.

WFM Adapter for Salesforce

WFM Adapter for Salesforce provides a seamless integration between Salesforce Service Cloud and WFM systems, such as IEX/Nice, Aspect, Teleopti, Verint and others. It is ideal for contact center agents and back office associates.

Workforce Management System

Genesys WFM

Genesys Workforce Management is a key part of the Genesys Continuous Workforce Optimization solution. It reduces manual work, increases first contact resolution, improves agent productivity, and helps you deliver on your service level agreements within budget.

Quality Monitoring, Speech Analytics & Performance Management

Speech Analytics & Quality Management

This solution is provided for Genesys platforms and allows organizations to use speech analytics to track and measure contact center agent performance.

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