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Technical system integration is the major pain point for contact centers, especially those that have been in business for over 10 years. An accumulation of silos, such as siloed teams, practices, systems and legacy technology prevent them from delivering consistent customer experiences and operating business efficiently.

Aria specializes in business technology and contact center integration, such as back office, customer relationship management (CRM), workforce management (WFM), billing, HR, and website technologies.

Maximize CX investments and deliver consistent digital experiences

In the CX economy and the age of the digital disruption, breaking down silos is key to enabling digital experiences for your customers. If your organization is looking to invest in customer engagement solutions, like digital channels, system integration has to be the main priority. However, legacy technology is a barrier to omnichannel initiatives. Contact center modernization is often advised to eliminate costly legacy systems, develop a clean, system-thinking architecture, and integrate modern CX capabilities that can help drive unified experiences over time and across touch points.

Improve business performance and drive more sales through insights

Contact centers now deal with growing technology complexity and the explosion of Big Data. Companies realize the value that can come from sharing data and insights across the business. But unfortunately, an accumulation of disjointed tools that many contact centers have in place result in islands of data, preventing them from getting a complete picture of their environments.

According to Forrester, organizations need to adopt a single architecture to push agile business intelligence and big data convergence to evolve into the systems of insight. The insight-driven approach will allow organizations to:

  • Improve operations and business performance
  • Differentiate among competition
  • Turn customer preferences into insights that drive sales

Increase agent efficiency and retention

Customer service agents use dozens of disconnected applications to do their work. The lack of system integration and standardized processes force them to look for information through multiple systems. By unifying agent desktop technology with systems like CRM , agents can be more efficient and effective in addressing customer questions, which contributes to their job satisfaction level.


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