Aria Solutions have been working with the Genesys Outbound Solutions for more than 10 years and implemented over 30 outbound projects, such as:

  • Complete outbound solutions
  • Outbound dialer replacement
  • Upgrades
  • System health checks
  • Solution optimization/tuning
  • Operations consulting
  • Multi-language deployments

Aria’s Services team provides more than just the technical knowledge of how to install and configure the Genesys Outbound solution. Our approach involves understanding each client’s business goals and operations, and recommending how the Genesys Outbound solution can best meet those needs.

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  • Tuning the Outbound Solution
    • Optimizing Connection Rate
    • Detection of the Party Answering the Outbound Call (human, answering machine, etc.)
    • Agent Utilization
  • Knowledge of North America Outbound Dialing Regulations
    • Abandon Rates
    • Hours of Dialing
    • Do Not Call
    • Direct Marketing Compliance
  • Experience in deploying to Blended Agents; contact centers that are handling both Inbound and Outbound calls
    • The outbound algorithms to use
    • Resourcing of agents to balance inbound and outbound operational goals
  • Use of Genesys reporting solutions to analyze campaign activity and report on operational performance

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