Intelligent Routing

Elevate customer experience while improving operational efficiency

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Intelligent routing (IR), also known as skills-based routing, is the core technology in contact centers. It captures the customer inquiry, which can be via voice, digital (e.g., chat, email, messaging), or social (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) channels. It then queues and routes the inquiry to the right agent based on a set of rules.

Improve first call resolution

Customer benefits from optimized intelligent routing, by getting connected to the appropriate agent more quickly than ever before. Interactions can be routed based on information collected or known about the customer, customer value, promotions, types of issues, language, etc. A screen pop then provides the agent with the client’s details based on call history, IVR or CRM data, enabling them to deliver a well-informed, personalized service.

Maximize business efficiency across departments

A good routing solution empowers end users (no matter of the skillset) to easily adjust the customer experience and the use of agents in real-time. Contact centers are the front-line to most organizations and require solutions that adjust to constantly changing business needs. There is no time to have an IT project for every routing change.

Flexible routing solutions result in happy end users and a more effective use of IT resources.

Complement other contact center solutions

Intelligent routing cannot be designed in a vacuum. Many other applications such as agent desktops, real-time and historical reporting, callback solutions and workforce management work in conjunction or depend on information from routing. It is mandatory that a solution is designed based on the holistic needs of the contact center.


  • Fast routing requirements, design and development cycles
  • 100% configurable enterprise skills-based routing solution
  • Easy to maintain, support and change
  • 25-75% reduction in cost compared to a custom solution
  • No migration risk for Interaction Routing Designer (IRD) users

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