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It is predicted that digital channels will soon overtake voice-based interactions. Growth in almost every digital channel contrasts with a 12% shrinkage of phone in the split of interactions handled by contact centres (source).

In a survey conducted by Forrester Research and, retailers reported that the combination of smartphones (30%) and tablets (13%) accounted for 43% of online sales with traffic being even higher, at 63% — 47% coming from smartphones and 16% from tablets (source).

To succeed in the age of the customer, organizations need to start their business transformation to provide personalized and cross-channel digital experiences.

Boost customer loyalty through modern, fully-integrated solutions

Consistent digital touchpoints help build brands and create customer loyalty. To achieve this, contact centers need to focus on digital channels that: their customers want, bring value, provide personalization and emotion across all touchpoints, as well as are quick and easy to use.
Customers are looking for interactions that go above and beyond the typical back-and-forth of a phone call. By implementing a modernized solution for your contact center, you can align with trends and give your customers what they need in a way that is tailored to their demographic, geographic location and more personal data.
Aria strives to provide consistent and personalized omnichannel experiences, by connecting all digital touchpoints and enabling businesses to deliver a seamless experience to their customers. We work with contact centers to design a digital strategy that provides integrated customer support – no matter what channel your customer is using.

Reduce operational costs by empowering your customers to help themselves

Within a new digital world that is evolving rapidly, it is important that your organization is able to provide the brand’s online presence to enable customers to interact with the brand and get answers quick and easy.

Often, customers who land on the organization’s website, mobile site, or social pages are looking for answers by going through anything from FAQ’s to How-To videos. Appropriately designed and deployed digital tools and resources reduce the volume of costly voice calls. Various self-service solutions and digital assets provide customers with the low-effort, fast and effective customer experience, while carving out a significant chunk of operational costs.


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