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More and more firms are adopting new strategies, processes and technology, such as customer and operational analytics to improve business performance and become customer-obsessed. But to have a customer-obsessed culture,operational-analytics-customer-obsessed-insights-driven companies need to become insight-driven at every business level.

Forrester’s data shows that insights-driven firms are 39% more likely to report year-over-year revenue growth of 15% or more.

To manage today’s complex technology and make the contact center ready for analytics and digital optimization, most enterprises need to build a modern infrastructure and stitch data silos together. Once the right strategies, technology, processes and training are in place – organizations are not only able to capture, store and manage big data, but also access the needed data to obtain insights in a timely manner.

Engage audiences across channels for a consistent, seamless CX

Insights-driven organizations lead the way in terms of extreme customer-centricity through new data-mining technology. With data mining, you can look at patterns and provide a highly personalized and delightful customer experience. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to provide them with exactly the kind of service they want – on their preferred channel.

Identify the most-critical performance issues and analyze them for root causes

Originally, companies’ focus on Big Data was centered around the customer experience. Today, 70% of contact centers emphasize operations for their analytics projects. Operational analytics applications, like Visualizer, help IT and support teams search through massive amounts of data in minutes to resolve issues. Such applications proactively determine risks, impacts, or the potential for outages that may come out of various events that take place in the environment.

Free up your skilled resources from doing meaningless work

No matter how skilled your employees are, mining and analyzing data manually from all the various data stores is inefficient and time consuming. Analytics algorithms and automation are much faster than humans at doing the boring, repetitive work. By deploying the right tools, support and operations teams can focus on the big picture and understand how analytics technology helps with attracting, serving, and retaining customers.

Add value to every level of your contact center through access to insights

Customer analytics (48%), operational analytics (21%), and fraud & compliance (21%) are now the top three uses for Big Data. By developing an environment with a data supply chain, all teams (i.e. customer experience, marketing, IT, operations, and security and risk) within the organization can quickly access the data they need and make better decisions.


Visualizer is an operational data analytics application for Genesys. It delivers critical information necessary for operational adjustments, customer pattern identification, and agent behavior and performance analytics – supporting multiple environments within one contact center.



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