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Empower agents to engage with customers regardless of the media channel

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An important question every contact center needs to answer is – “does our current agent technology help agents to do their job effectively, improve agent experiences, and empower agents to deliver great customer experiences?”.

The top factor influencing agent experiences is a lack of the right technology tools. Companies indicated that technology is 88% more likely to influence agent experiences, compared to compensation and rewards.

Delivering consistent omnichannel conversations depends on having the technology that provides a unified view of the customer.

Empower your agents to better engage customers

Customers get annoyed when they are put on hold when agents have to log in and out of multiple systems to find the information required to complete the transaction. When agents do not have easy access to past and pending customer information or a knowledge base, they often end up providing customers with inaccurate and inconsistent data.

Agent empowerment is a key stepping stone to drive better customer experience results. In fact, companies with agent desktop optimization programs enjoy 44% greater customer retention rate. Use the right technology tools that easily integrate to other systems is key to empowering agents to deliver better customer engagements.

Increase agent efficiency

Agent experiences often depend on having the right technology tools needed to better do their job. On average, an agent has to access at least 3 disparate systems to address customer questions. They are forced to navigate through a slew of complicated tools and focus on the customer at the same time. This not only leads to lost revenue but also results in frustrated customers and agents.

Many CRM solutions neatly address the multiple screen problem, delivering the right information to agents at the right time via a unified desktop interface. In the age of siloed communications and data centralization issues, the ability to quickly and cost-effectively integrate agent desktop technology with CRM systems should be the first criteria when evaluating agent optimization solutions

Reduce agent turnover

Contact center employee retention is a big challenge. The solution lies in staff motivation and agent empowerment.

The notion that more tools and multiple applications equals better agent experience is no longer true. Employees are happier and better able to satisfy customers if the organization provides them with the easy-to-use technology enablers and centralized data access. By being able to succeed in customer engagement — agent staff morale, motivation, and satisfaction improves.


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