Webinar: Light up your Org with Lightning
12:00 to 13:00
May 21, 2020

Light up your Org with Lightning


With Lightning having been turned on for everyone on January 7th, many organizations are starting to move to Lightning Experience, but most of them are using it as-is. However, there is a big difference between simply using Salesforce Lightning as it is and taking advantage of its features. In order to receive the full benefit of your Lightning org, you must customize it and optimize it. While doing this, you are making sure every team’s needs are taken into account, with the end goal of increasing everyone’s productivity.

Join our Lightning Champion, Aleksandra Radovanovic, to learn how to drive your business value with Lightning and how to utilize Lightning features. This includes features coming in Summer ’20 as well, which will help you maximize your Salesforce investment.






What: A Webinar about Lightning Experience Customization and Optimization

When: May 21/ 1pm MDT/ Noon PST




Aleksandra Radovanovic – Salesforce Solution Architect, Aria Solutions

Light up your Org with Lightning