Let’s work together on identifying where you are and chart a path to success

The contact center world is like your typical lunch time restaurant… that has made big changes to their menu! You’ve gone there for years and felt comfortable with their menu, but now they completely changed and added to their menu.

The same is true of a contact center in today’s world of evolving technology and rapid change of customer behavior: There are a lot of choices, except that it’s hard to find anyone to explain what’s on the menu.

Aria’s SmartStart Program a packaged program of consulting designed to provide general guidance for contact centers looking to enhance operations – without the hassle of wondering where to begin. Our experts will work with you from beginning to end and everything in between, and help you reach these key objectives:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase financial outlook
  • Increase market share through brand differentiation


SmartStart Industry Insight

Aria’s SmartStart program starts with valuable insight into new methods and technology capabilities that let you picture possible solutions to both – the common and new challenges faced by today’s contact centers.

We provide a free overview, including discussion with our experts of how technology is being used to change the way companies engage with their customers. Aria meets with key members of your team to provide a technology overview. This will help provide ideas and potential options to consider for your business.

SmartStart Business Insight

The next step is meeting our experts to understand your business priorities, operational issues and strategic initiatives. Aria will then provide a report with recommendations and a roadmap prioritized to meeting your business needs. The roadmap includes not only solutions offered by Aria, but also those of other vendors that deserve consideration.

SmartStart Evolve

As you move through your initiatives, Aria stays engaged with you to review its success and value, as well as new changes or influences on the business. We will work with your team to identify revisions to the recommendations and roadmap.

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