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CX Consulting

It’s no longer the news that contact centers play a strategic role in shaping a company’s direction. A more empowered contact center can be instrumental in increasing customer profitability, strengthening customer relationships, and building and positioning corporate brand.

The reality is – there are so many changes with contact center technology, vendors, practices, that it can be hard to keep up, and even harder to decide why, what, or how to do it. If this is where you are at – an external consulting team is what you need.

Aria Solutions has broad contact center experience from implementing hundreds of full contact center solutions to post implementation support. Our knowledge of application development and integration makes us unique in this space, allowing us to bridge the gap between data and technology silos – so overlooked by the industry.

This all has allowed us to became a true consulting partner and a strategic advisor for the most advanced contact centers.

What's in it for you?

Retain customer and create and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through a customer-obsessed, digital transformation strategy

Align your contact center with the business goals, make better decisions, and increase contact center efficiency by improving your business architecture strategy

Increase employee satisfaction, engagement, efficiency and performance through the step-by-step recommendations on workforce optimization

Aria’s contact center consulting services include:

1. Contact Center Assessment

  • Examining your current contact center operations to assess processes, prioritize gaps, and identify efficiency opportunities affecting the customer experience
  • Evaluating the existing technology, providing recommendations on how to better leverage it, and where new technology could be of benefit
  • Building a comprehensive and holistic report of your contact center, covering systems (ACD, WFM, IVR, routing, QA, CRM, etc), digital channels, customer journeys, automated and manual self-service (e.g. IVR, web, chatbots)

2. Business Case

With the areas of improvement identified, some organizations may need to quantify this in an ROI model or full business case.

Aria provides elaborate financial models that allow you to change your assumptions dynamically to see the immediate results.

3. Strategy and Roadmap Development

From a deep understanding of your company goals and direction, Aria will create a holistic, step-by-step plan with tactical, executable recommendations for initiatives like:

  • System Integration/Silos Management
  • Omnichannel Enablement (Chat, Mobile, SMS, Social) for both assisted and self-service
  • Cloud Migration
  • Operational/Business Analytics
  • CX Analytics/Personalization
  • Workforce Management

4. Technology and Vendor Selection

There are many vendors and technology available to choose from, which might be daunting. At Aria, we look at your interests first and follow a highly defined process in identifying the capabilities, fit and risks associated with each vendor/technology considered.

We look for vendors that offer all required technology, must-have functionality, and support levels based on your scope of requirements, contact center environment, budget, and any current technology or business constraints.

5. Post Implementation Review & Analysis

After projects are completed, it’s important to evaluate the degree of success and determine:

  • If the solution fully solved the problem that it was designed to address
  • To what extent the requirements have been met
  • Benefits
  • The efficacy of all elements and how they can be improved

In addition, we outline any learned lessons and areas of improvement to apply to future projects.

This evaluation, along with any new information, such as changes to the business, would be used to adjust the roadmap.

Consulting On Demand

Aria can play a consultative role as an advisor, allowing your organization the flexibility to connect us with various parts of your business where helpful. We can assist with tips, best practices, and decision making as needed for both areas – business and IT.

As your strategic partner, we are here to assist with a new business problem and provide possible solutions, build strategies and direction, recommend technology and vendor(s), or provide direction on how the solution should be implemented.

Contact us to learn more!