Want better visibility into your contact center operations?

See how Aria helped a Fortune 500 company seamlessly leverage analytics to identify and solve issues faster.


  • IT resources being used to resolve non-IT issues
  • Inability to identify operational issues and barriers to agent efficiency
  • Lack of capacity and time for data mining specific interaction events
  • Staff lacked data mining skills

How Aria Helped

  • Collaborated to find the best solution
  • Set up a six-week POC
  • Trained staff to use Visualizer effectively


  • Proactive decision making
  • Fast issue resolution
  • Improve agent performance

The challenge

The IT and Operations team at a Fortune 500 transportation logistics company needed to become more efficient in operating several customer care centers. In their efforts to improve agent quality and customer care, they frequently called upon IT to find, research and resolve issues.

Looking through the logs for changing events and tracing them from start to finish was a daily activity taking hours. This job took valuable resources away from other IT and operations demands and prevented management from making proactive decisions.

Infrastructure and operations personnel used a manual analysis of log files that lacked the capacity to query specific care center events. They had no way to identify operational issues — such as an agent being placed in the wrong skill level group.

On top of that, the management team was limited in their ability to delegate the research of issues to staff because the manual analysis required significant experience and technical know-how.

Finding the right expert

The company had previously partnered with Aria Solutions to implement CIMplicity™ CTI Connector for Genesys, and they knew that the Aria team could help identify the right solution to make the team more efficient and proactive.

When the company’s IT team saw Aria demo Visualizer at a Genesys conference, they realized its potential and requested a trial to determine if this product could work well in their unique environment.

Visualizer consolidates customer interaction records to quickly and easily perform relevant queries and get back useful, actionable results.

A trial run

The Aria team initiated a six-week proof-of-concept (POC) period, and met with the company’s IT team regularly to make sure they understood everything that was possible with Visualizer.

Immediately upon running both standard and customized queries, the company identified issues within the care center that could be easily corrected, including long customer wait times and opportunities to improve customer service.

Seeing in action how Visualizer delivered excellent value with minimal effort, the team decided to make the purchase.

Data analytics delivered

Visualizer filled the company’s IT and Operations team with confidence. They were able to make more informed business decisions, improve agent performance, and become more proactive in issue resolution.

  • Easier decision making

Data visualization allowed IT and business teams to quickly see issues with call center or agent performance and make corrective decisions proactively – before it became a real problem.

As one example, one of their contact centers that serviced company employees was considering implementing new technology to fix long delays that were reported after the day shift left. An engineer gathered data on the SIP route point hit by several of the center’s queues to determine the cause of the delays, and shared Visualizer screenshots with the decision makers to support an informed choice.

“Visualizer has become our go-to application when testing, troubleshooting, or providing information back to the business to aid in making important decisions on technology.”


Senior Telecom Engineer

  • Faster issue resolution

With Visualizer, the management team could quickly search massive amounts of data to get information on specific requests; what used to take hours suddenly took minutes. As an added bonus, Visualizer enables people with fewer technical skills to resolve problems without engaging higher-tier (more costly) resources.

  • Improved agent performance

IT management, workforce planners, and agent supervisors use Visualizer to troubleshoot agent issues and determine their origin. For example, when IT gets problem tickets for softphones not working properly, they can easily identify whether there is really a problem with the phone; if not, they can instruct the care center manager to train the agent on proper use of the phone. For requests to find out who took a particular call, they can quickly identify this information as well as inform the care center manager or agent about what happened during the life of the call.

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