Need help adding digital channels to better engage with your customers?

See how Aria transformed a regional bank’s customer experience, agent efficiency, and business operations.


  • Disconnected and inflexible legacy technology
  • Siloed systems
  • Limited customer care channels

How Aria Helped

  • Provided digital transformation guidance
  • Modernized systems
  • Performed system and data integration
  • Optimized agent desktop
  • Improve workforce management
  • Introduced new communication channels


  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • Better agent performance
  • Time and cost savings

The challenge

A publicly traded regional financial services company with 5,000 employees was looking for a way to update their customer care experience with better agent performance and additional digital communication options.

The company’s IT team had tried to implement changes within the existing infrastructure, but were constrained by a siloed framework and other limitations that made it impossible to add functions like chat and email. Customer experience was suffering as agents had to put customers on hold to search various sources for answers.

To provide a truly omnichannel experience for customers, the company needed to completely modernize their approach.

Finding the right expert

Unable to deal with the outdated technology and silos, the company’s IT Director reached out to Aria Solutions — already a trusted service provider — to discuss a fresh and a modern approach.

The Aria consulting team immediately dove into the company’s needs and objectives, drawing on decades of industry experience to quickly find the systems required for the job.

“They knew all the right questions to ask and were responsive to our project team. Working with Aria people is very easy, which made this digital transformation journey go much smoother than we expected.”


IT Director

Upgrading the infrastructure

Next, the team developed and implemented upgrades to the contact center infrastructure, including:

  • Contact center modernization

To enable a variety of modern communication methods and integrate siloed systems, Aria helped the company switch to a pure Genesys SIP environment from its old Nortel technology. The transition involved implementation of Aria’s SWIFT™ Premises, which was designed to quickly deploy Genesys solutions and deliver business results quickly via a highly flexible and agile infrastructure. It includes SWIFT™ Routing, a pre-built, intelligent routing solution that empowers anyone to easily configure routing.

  • Systems, data, and agent optimization

Aria used a proven methodology and process to integrate the company’s siloed systems and data touchpoints. The team deployed CIMplicity™ CTI Connector for Genesys to seamlessly connect to multiple systems, eliminating data silos. The application supports Genesys media channels and integrates CRM, billing, and other systems.

  • Workforce management

Aria implemented Genesys Workforce Management to automate the manual work performed by the company’s operations and planning teams; and to enable accurate forecasting and scheduling across all communication channels.

  • Customer engagement

After the systems were modernized, fully integrated, and optimized, Aria deployed new communication channels. In addition to Genesys Voice Platform (which is part of SWIFT™ Routing), Aria enabled outbound voice, Genesys Enterprise Workload Management, chat, SMS, co-browsing, and email.

“As soon as we made new communication channels available, the volume of our voice interactions decreased greatly. We can see that our customers really like communicating with us via online chat and email.”


IT Director

Customer experience transformed

Almost immediately, the company saw improved customer experience, increased agent efficiency, and significant time and cost savings.

With access to relevant customer data from all channels at their fingertips, agents could focus on customers rather than technology. Customers had access to new and integrated communication channels, offering a consistent customer journey and the ability to communicate using their preferred channel.

This shift reduced customer wait times and made agents more efficient and satisfied with their work.

Meanwhile, the bank’s agent efficiency, productivity, and performance levels increased considerably thanks to the workforce management solution, which scheduled the right agents to serve right customers based on inquiry type and agent experience.

The IT team no longer had to maintain legacy technology or make time-consuming changes to inflexible and disconnected systems. Add to these maintenance savings greater agent efficiency, and you can see why we saw significantly lower overall costs.

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