Need a seamless transition off an end-of-life system?

See how a medical technology company processed 5X more orders after Aria migrated them to Salesforce.


  • Inflexible legacy system nearing end-of-life
  • Migration to new cloud solution could not impact unit sales for any quarter
  • Must retain functionalities to remain compliant with Medicare/Medicaid

How Aria Helped

  • Created a 7-month transition plan
  • Deployed Sales Cloud
  • Deployed Service Cloud
  • Installed Marketing Cloud


  • 5X increase in order processing
  • Reduced maintenance and support costs
  • Greater visibility for executives
  • Improved decision making

The challenge

A medical technology company that improves the lives of millions of oxygen therapy patients with innovative respiratory products needed to move off their end-of life system to serve their customers more efficiently and continue to grow.

But the migration to a new platform couldn’t impact unit sales in any given quarter. They couldn’t  lose any functionalities that made them compliant with Medicare/Medicaid in the process of migrating to a new platform.

Taking all of these into consideration, their Director of IT began investigating the right platform for them to migrate to and the experts that could make it happen.

Finding the right expert

Salesforce was the obvious option. It would allow them to manage sales, marketing, and customer service in one central location. As a cloud platform, it would help them reduce maintenance costs. It was a solution that would satisfy the imperatives of both business and IT teams.

The IT Director reached out to Aria Solutions to learn more about what was possible with Salesforce.  When they met with the Aria team, they quickly saw that we had the expertise to deliver on the project.

“Aria was an excellent partner from the beginning. One of the criteria I use for judging a partner is how well they integrate themselves into our business, so that they understand our processes and pain points. Aria excels at this.”


IT Director

Aria worked with the company’s IT department to understand their business and their pain points so they could give knowledgeable recommendations on the best way to use Salesforce across different business units. Some of these recommendations included automating tasks to reduce entering data into two different systems.

Moving to a new cloud solution

After the initial consultation with Aria, it was time to start the project and move the company from their end-of-life system to Salesforce.

Keeping in mind the company’s requirements, Aria Solutions developed a comprehensive project plan describing how they would migrate the company from their end-of-life platform to Salesforce in seven months. This plan involved deploying:

  • Sales Cloud for inside and outside sales teams to increase speed to lead and improve close rate
  • Service Cloud for billing and customer engagements so they would have automation of order entry within their ERP and the Medicare/Medicaid billing system
  • Marketing Cloud to map customer journeys and enable reporting
  • New Voice Media became the voice channel, using NC2 for routing of leads and opportunities

The project was completed four weeks before the company’s previous system reached end-of-life, successfully meeting their initial requirements and achieving their business objectives.

Benefits of an upgraded cloud customer engagement center

By no longer having to maintain the inflexible and costly legacy system, the company enjoyed a major reduction of maintenance and support costs.

Their team noticed how many more units they could process within two weeks of going live with the new system. With the previous system, entering an order meant entering data into two different systems, which required a lot of manual effort. With automated tasks and the use of only one system, employees were processing 5 times more orders.  

Reducing technology silos and centralizing data gave company executives, marketing personnel, sales leaders and service reps new insights, like how many current orders were in the funnel, what units had shipped on any given day, and what equipment a patient had already. Better decisions could be made at every step of the order process.  

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