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About Chris Theriault

Chris Theriault has over 15 years of experience helping mid-size and large contact centers with systems analysis, design, integration, technical support, architecture and solution engineering. He has been working at Aria Solutions since 2004, passionately focusing on system modernization and efficient operations. At Aria alone, Chris has worked on over 50 customer engagement projects, transforming operations and successfully achieving project goals.

customer interaction analytics
Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Customer Interaction Analytics November 24, 2017

Businesses are losing $62 billion per year through poor customer service (Serial switchers strikes again, NewVoiceMedia, Jan. 2016). This means the new goal must be getting every interaction right. ...

the 80/20 Rule - Contact center Social Media Data
The 80/20 Rule Is Dead! You Can Do More with Social Media Data October 27, 2017

In Shifting the Paradigm of Contact Center Interaction Tracking, we spoke of a paradigm shift that needs to be considered in standard contact center metrics. For the sake of all great social experienc...

Your agents are not superheroes. Connect data silos to increase agent efficiency
Your Agents are Not Superheroes! Increase Efficiency by Connecting Data Silos August 21, 2017

I am sure you’ve come across several resources that talked about digital channels now dominating over traditional ones. Even though your contact center might still be in the process of deploying ...

Turning Customer Interaction Data into a Competitive Advantage
Turning Customer Interaction Data into a Competitive Advantage June 08, 2017

Most contact centers use interaction data to justify or support contact center metrics, such as average call handle time, speed of answer, abandonment and even first call resolution. But when you ...

interaction tracking
Shifting the Paradigm of Contact Center Interaction Tracking May 19, 2017

A common scenario of interaction event tracking Let’s paint the picture of a common series of events in the contact center. 1.  A technical or performance issue is suspected – either through an...

Contact Center Metrics
Looking at Contact Center Metrics in a Customer-Centric Way March 22, 2017

Contact Centers, as an industry, have been around since the advent of telephony technology. That technological era has also enabled us to measure and track contact center activity quite accurately. Fo...

Agent Productivity
Measuring Agent Productivity in an Omnichannel World February 10, 2017

As customer call centers have evolved into customer care centers, managers have had to adapt with new strategies for going beyond solving customers’ problems to finding ways to delight them at every...

5 Keys to Effective Customer Journey Maps November 30, 2015

As companies compete for market leadership position, it is quite easy for them to focus internally - either on processes to improve efficiency in delivery of their product, or on research and developm...

Visualizer Success Stories by West Corporation and PacifiCorp November 16, 2015

At G-Force 2015, Aria Solutions’ product team together with Daniel Vetro, Director of Information Services from West Corporation, and Todd McCall, Voice Systems Engr. 3 from PacifiCorp, discussed...