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Do-it-yourself installation

Amazon Connect + Salesforce

Aria Solutions’ free Toolkit for Amazon Connect and Salesforce gives you synchronization of agent presence between Salesforce Omni-Channel and Amazon Connect Voice and other sophisticated contact center capabilities without having to build custom connections in-house. We give you the building blocks and you assemble!

Features included in the Toolkit for Amazon Connect and Salesforce:

Retrieval of Salesforce Data via Amazon Lambda functions for use by Amazon Connect for tasks, such as customer authentication and potential interaction routing decision parameters

Integration of Amazon Connect reports into Salesforce reporting engine for use in such tasks as quality assurance scores and performance analysis

Ability to create records in Salesforce via Lambda functions called in Amazon Connect routing strategies

Ability to track interaction ownership across both platforms in one system of record

Access to Einstein and Sentiment Analysis in call recording from Amazon Connect

Inclusion of disposition codes from Amazon Connect into Salesforce

Aria Solutions has packaged the above functionality to create a solid base of integration between the two revolutionary platforms in the CRM and contact center space. Due to a very robust open API set, expansion possibilities are endless.

To get a fully supported integration between Amazon Connect and Salesforce deployed by Aria Solutions, contact us to see Legato™ in action.

Download the Toolkit Setup and User Guide