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A Complete Customer Engagement Center Built on Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud

Aria’s customer engagement center solution using Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud, is designed for your contact center, back office, stores and other customer facing departments. The solution provides a wide range of customer engagement channels from inbound to outbound voice, omni-channel, self service and more, so that your employees have a complete 360° view of your customer. This holistic application suite will allow you to provide experiences that delight your customers and help accelerate your customer growth.

How can this solution help your business?

  • Acquire more customers – make it easier for customers to do business with you

  • Increase spending per customer – help your staff sell more products and services

  • Retain more customers– delight your customers so they don’t leave for your competition

  • Improve employee satisfaction– help your employees get more enjoyment from their jobs

  • Manage seasonality more effectively– enable you to more easily scale up or down

  • Move faster– respond more quickly to business changes and issues

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Highly flexible with many applications

With this highly flexible solution, the applications in your retail business are only limited by your imagination but here are some areas it can help:

  • Order Placement, Order Returns and Refunds, Order Status
  • Customer Service
  • Store Locator
  • Credit Card Applications & Inquiries
  • Store Experiences
  • Registries & Lists
  • Special Services

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