Defining ARIA: What does Opera have to do with Contact Centers?

On a company conference this year, a group of us was sitting at a table and chatting about the history of our company. We all became curious about the origin of the company name “Aria”, but none of us could answer the question – “Why was it named this way”?

First, we decided to look up the definition of “Aria” online. Wikipedia defined it as:

“a self-contained piece for one voice, with […] orchestral accompanied, normally part of a larger work.”

That was confusing. What does opera have to do with contact centers?

A few people joked that the name was chosen based on a ‘phonebook rule’ to have Aria Solutions listed on the top of the list. Surprisingly, we know of at least one client that started looking for a partner from the top of the alphabet. We were the first to respond, and we got the deal.

Obviously, this was not the real reason and we felt that the meaning was much deeper. So, we kept digging into it.

We decided to ask the Aria Solutions’ founders (Rob Church and Noel Roberts) why they chose this name 19 years ago. Noel answered:

“My wife suggested it, because contact center projects can involve lots of ‘players’ working in harmony together, performing a beautiful Aria.”

Finally, this was making sense to us! In business, we usually think of effective business as a coordination of individual efforts within a team, much like a symphony of voices and talent.

An Aria is a voice, or a single interaction, such as an agent in a voice call with a customer. What is not always visible is the supporting technology “orchestra”. Just as the lead in the Aria would falter without the orchestra, so would the agent without the supporting technology.

Aria values the small, incremental improvements that result from empowering individual voices. When we looked around at our colleagues, we began to hear the melody in our hearts. From our sales, technical teams, IT to Support – each person brings dedication, resourcefulness and expertise that combine to make our corporate team. We are very proud of our team!

We believe that ARIA comprises these key values: Adaptability, Reliability, Innovation and Accomplishment.

Shakespeare once wrote that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Perhaps. We think the name of our organization only strengthens our values!